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Closing the Technology Skills Gap

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Supply Fails to Meet Demand

The Computer Science Performance Index (CSPI) is a National Science Foundation funded skills analysis platform that evaluates educational institutions, job openings, and real career paths to identify both the supply and demand of qualified talent.


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Educational Institutions

We want to help colleges, universities and any institution that provides technology education to better prepare their candidates with the skills necessary to fill the skills gap.

  • Private and public university authorities
  • Computer science, engineering, analytics and IT academia
  • Curriculum and coursework developers 


More recruiters are leveraging the power of machine learning and AI to find the right candidates to fill technology positions. Help us identify your gaps, so we can help you improve candidate sourcing and placement.

  • Technology recruiting agencies
  • Non-technical recruiters moving into technical recruiting
  • Small to mid-size technology headhunters

Increased Demand for AI and Machine Learning for Recruiting

"AI can screen a large number of candidates holistically, considering multiple factors at once, as opposed to manual screening which is time consuming and tends to overweigh one or two factors that are in the screener's mind while they're looking at candidate resumes or profiles."

- HR Dive

“By 2025, online talent platforms could boost global GDP by $2.7 trillion, while increasing employment by 72 million.”

- McKinsey

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Increase demand for AI and machine learning.


Of software developers are self-taught, learning to program through books and websites


Of employers say the skills gap is having a negative impact on their business when supply can't meet demand

2 of 3

Recruiters don't have the tools necessary to understand the market and talent pool they are recruiting from

11% of supply meets demand

The Skills Gap Starts with Education

What is the role of colleges and universities in the U.S.?

A dichotomy exists among academics as to the role of universities with respect to placing candidates in jobs after graduation. One side believes the role of the university is solely to prepare students by providing them with the foundation needed for a career. The other side believes providing the foundation is not enough, and that universities should also prepare students with the skills required to find relevant jobs after graduation.

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We are looking for partners that want to help us close the skills gap. If your organization belongs to the education, recruiting, or human resources industry please contact us to learn more.

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